Kangaroo Moon

Klangbad - KM record company, home of exciting music.
Seize The Day - the best contemporary protest-folk band
Sunreturn, Nick Marshall's other project....
Use Your Ears, music resources website.
Nigel Shaw & Carolyn Hillyer - Acoustic and Electro Shamanism from deepest Dartmoor.
Brian Abott - musician friends of Kangaroo Moon.
IDSpiral - psychedelic events every 2 weeks in London,
www.folkandroots.co.uk - networking for music,
Planet Gong, who also put up some KM info,
University of errors, Daevid Allen's higher education...
The Cabbage website Leeds based best Trance night in the world.
FestivalEye, for the magazine of that name (a long time friend)
Gene Watch for info on the latest developments in the anti-gmo world.
The Dragon Collective "People of all ages, abilities and cultures, wherever in Wales they live, have a right to define, create and actively participate in the arts activities of their choice."
The Session - 1000's of Irish, Scottish and other trad tunes, lists of sessions and more.
Cafe Bar Mokka - The best live music club in Switzerland.
www.dolder2.ch - The other best live music club in Switzerland.
The Fawcett Inn - The best pub in Portsmouth.
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms
The Beehive - Best free live music pub in Swindon.
Knockengorroch - Best festival in SW Scotland.
The Trades Club - Best live music club in Yorkshire.
Amnesty International who everyone knows about, but there's always more to do